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Attention all content writers, small business owners, marketing guru’s, and brand developers: We are actively seeking content submissions from external authors, and we’ll pay for it, too! If you are interested in writing an article, creating an infographic, or recording a tutorial for vendorspace.glamgalore.co you may submit your idea using the form below.

What Types of Content are We Seeking?

While we would love to post absolutely everything submitted to us, there are only certain types of content we are realistically capable of posting. Those relevant subjects include:

Articles and Tutorials:

We are looking to publish content relating to articles and tutorials involving Small Business, Marketing, Social Media, booth exhibitions, Finance, and productivity software, such as CRM Software and more.

If you have an idea for an article, infographic, or tutorial that is outside of these topic parameters, but you stil feel relates to what we regularly post, submit your idea anyway. This list is an outline of what we’re looking for, not a concrete list of guest post topics

What Do We Offer?

Each idea submission, if accepted, will have an offer tailored to the quality of content that has been pitched. Depending on the quality of the idea, the offer can include the following:

  • Payment of $20 via PayPal.
  • Author byline with one external link
  • Paid articles may only link to personal websites

Steps for Writing Articles

  • Please pitch your article using the form below.
  • Begin writing your article, recording your tutorial, or designing your artwork.
  • Submit your content via email. We reserve the right to edit or reject your content at any time.

Copyright and Content Ownership

  • As the author, you may use any article, tutorial, graphic, or design resource you have created in the submitted work, as long as it has not already been published online.
  • You may not sell or distribute the content created for vendorspace.glamgalore.co on any other website, as you grant Glam Galore the exclusive right to publish your work.
  • You may publish excerpts from your work on your personal website for promotional purposes, however, the work in its entirety, may not be published on any other site.
  • You grant the readers of vendorspace.glamgalore.co the right to use any knowledge from information you have provided in the content, to be used in their own work.

Submission Requirements

  • Your article or tutorial must adhere to our style guidelines.
  • Images are allowed to have any height dimension needed, but please adjust all image widths to no more than 600 pixels wide.
  • All images in the body of the article must be referenced using the following method:
    [image: filename.extension]
  • All images must be included in the zipped archive folder with easily recognizable filenames.
  • All text must be thoroughly checked for grammatical and spelling errors.
  • All content derived from someone else’s work must be sourced by name, and include a link to the integral work. Direct copying of someone else’s intellectual property will not be allowed.

Submit Articles, Tips, or Other Content

Please complete the form below if you would like to submit a tutorial or article: