(DIY) Do It Yourself Websites

(DIY) Do It Yourself  Websites

As small business owners we don’t always have the cash flow to hire an expensive web designer to create the website of our dreams. So sometimes we opt to go without, but that can prove to be disastrous and you will lose money. Websites are not only the face of your business, but a business without a website is usually deemed not as trust worthy and honestly it just doesn’t make sense not to have one.

The good news is that even though you may not have lot of money, with a little bit of time and a little bit of money you can build your own website with DIY website builder. While there are literally thousands of DIY site builders, we have chosen  just a few that stand out from the rest and give you the best website for your time and money.

Snap Pages


Why we like SnapPages? Because it’s the easiest to use. SnapPages is one of the only DIY sites that use a drag and drop platform that make designing your website super easy! You just choose your theme and go.

Cons? Not good for retail websites. Free site doesn’t let you use your own domain name.

Cost? Free for 5 page website and 1 GB of storage. $8 a month for unlimited pages and 10 GB of storage and you can use your custom domain name.

Website: www.snappages.com


Moon Fruit

moon fruit

Why we like Moonfruit? Because it gives you the most freedom. If you have a little more technical knowledge and a have a clear idea for your website Moonfruit is for you. They have tons of cool templates with no limit of what you can do!  Also, with their standard package you get your domain name for free! Moonfruit is also good for business owners with more than one business. Depending on what package you choose you can have more than one site for one economical cost.

Cons? The learning curve can be time consuming.

Cost? Various packages start from a free site with 15 pages and 20mb storage to $35 a month for 20 websites and 10000mb storage and more.

Website: www.moonfruit.com



volution 2

Why we like Volusion? Because it is the best retail solution. If you’re looking to sell your products online and want a professional looking site without out a lot of hassle, Volusion is the way to go.  It has great features like product zoom, unlimited product options, and product comparison.

Cons? Well not really a con, but with any site that you accept credit card payments you will have to purchase a separate SSL Certificate.

Cost? Monthly packages starting at $15 a month for 100 products and 1 GB of storage up to their platinum package for $195 a month for unlimited products and 40 GB of storage. You also can get Free Amazon integration with all gold and platinum plans.

Website: www.volusion.com



wp sample

Why we like WordPress.com? Because you can have almost any type of website and is hands down the best if you want a blog with your site. WordPress.com has literally hundreds of templates, widgets and plug-ins and more are being created everyday to help you enhance your site! You can choose from free or premium themes and the best part is it is free!!  If you are a photographer, artist or magazine or public speaker, WordPress is for you!

Cons? While wordpress.com is awesome, wordpress.org is truly the best for having unlimited possibilities, but that conversation is for another post.

Cost? Free except if you choose a premium theme which can run anywhere from $40 to $80.

Website: www.wordpress.com


Honorable Mentions



Do you know of any other really good DIY website software? Have you tried any of the software we have listed? What are your thoughts?

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